Hello. I am Tobias.

I’m an entrepreneur, strategist, investor, and mentor to business owners who want to build companies that scale and work without them.

I am the founder of The Simple Company® and Wonder Equity Partners. I’ve built eight companies in the professional services space.

I’ve been in the game of entrepreneurship and consulting for more than 15 years, and nowadays I spend my time helping (mentoring and/or investing in) companies in the $500k to $10 million range become profitable and scalable, so the owner(s) can set themselves free and build the wealth they want.

On this blog share ideas, wins, failures, and strategies to help you grow and build your dream business.

If you want to contact me, email me at tobias[at]thesimplecompany.com

I am rooting for you.

Tobias Dahlberg

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Tobias Dahlberg

Strategist, Mentor, Investor. I help maxed-out business owners in the $500k-5million range become wealthy business owners and enjoy more time and freedom. www.thesimplecompany.com