Hello. Welcome. I am Tobias.

I won’t bore you with a long personal intro or bio.
I’ll just expose you to some of my core beliefs so you can judge whether I fit into your world or not.

I believe in entrepreneurship as a force for positive change in the world.
I believe in the human potential for greatness. I believe in humanity.
I believe there is more to the world than the physical. I think I know that to be true.
I believe people are the happiest when they grow into the best (or better) versions of themselves.

I believe in the ideas of originality, simplicity, and mastery as means to get “there”.

“There” is the emotion of knowing you have done your share and moved the world (or your world) forward in a positive way.

I know the world is created by dreamers, entrepreneurs, and a few other “crazy ones”.

I also know we need more of the above, and fewer people who watch (and criticize) from the sidelines. I call these people Original Minds.

Imagine if only 1% of people who feel “the calling” would go for it and own up to their destiny. Imagine how much better the world would be for it.

The world we know was created by the dreamers, “the crazy ones”.

They are very few. What if there were a few more?

And most importantly, what if you were one of them?

If you’re one of us, I hope we’ll connect.

And I hope I get to cheer for you, maybe even work with you.

I am all about dreaming bigger (screw realistic).
I am all about believing stronger (embodying your originality).
I am all about building powerful habits and practices to overcome limitations and showing up to lead (mediocrity is a scary place).

I started a few businesses. Some failed. Some were successful.
Both experiences grew me. I want you to get the learnings.

I am also aware I started nearly every sentence with “I”.
It’s because I want you to surround yourself only with the right people, and if I am not the right person, you should know by now.

I am not here to convince you to pursue the best version of yourself or to create a business that moves the world forward. You have already made that decision.

Instead, invite you to connect with me and share your story with me.
At The Future Academy® - my company, we have plenty of resources for you, and some good options for working together too, if you’re interested.

For now, thanks for being here.

I am rooting for you.

Tobias Dahlberg


Tobias Dahlberg
Strategist and entrepreneur who built a consultancy business and a few agencies. I leverage simplicity for game-changing growth.