Apr 7, 2022 • 21M

Brand Consulting 2.0

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All progress depends on human creativity and courage. Yet the world is fast to put down original thinkers and their ideas. The Original Minds™ podcast provides you with a dose of mind-expansion, optimism, motivation, and belief to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. The world needs more non-conformists and leaders who embody their originality and share it with the world.
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Brand consulting needs a serious upgrade.

Let's be real.

What used to work in "brand-building" does not work as well today.

And the majority of the industry fails to make a decent living.

I've been in this space for almost 15 years, and I've seen enough to say that it's time we stop doing it the old way...

Brand strategy followed by "branding", a.k.a brand communications (visuals, messaging etc.) is simply not enough in a 2022 environment.

Let's replace RE-BRANDING (as we know it) with RE-INVENTION.

As brand consultants, we must hold ourself to a higher standard. We can bring more value that lawyers and business consultants at best. We combine strategy with creativity, which is how we can create magic for our clients.

We're in the business of future creation, connecting companies and customers with a greater future.

In this eposiode, I share what a better model looks like. It's a model I have practiced throughout my career, and it deliver because it's about driving innovation and business transformation through the lens of "brand".

Check out the video in the comments below, and if you like it, apply to be one of the 20 people who joins me for Certified Brand Consultant™ - 10 weeks of training and coaching.

I am only opening this program 1-2 times per year, so if you want in, just DM me and my team will set up a call to discuss it.

Btw, if you're not into brand consulting but would me and my team to apply this model and thinking to your brand and business, please DM me too...we work with growth-minded companies to drive growth and profitability through their brands.