Apr 22, 2022 • 21M

How BRAND Translates Into MONEY

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All progress depends on human creativity and courage. Yet the world is fast to put down original thinkers and their ideas. The Original Minds™ podcast provides you with a dose of mind-expansion, optimism, motivation, and belief to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. The world needs more non-conformists and leaders who embody their originality and share it with the world.
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We all know BRANDS matter, but do you know how you can translate your brand-building investments and activities into MONEY?

This could blow your mind!

Learn a simple, powerful formula that connects to your brand.

In addition to explaining how "brand" connects to revenue, and profit, I also share a couple of opportunities.

1. I work with a small number of selected clients to implement strategies around brand- and offering development, client acquisition, and operations (based on my work around what I call The Simple Company). 

2. I am launching a brand new membership service, which works la lot like a mastermind. It's for ambitious, visionary entrepreneurs who want to build 7 and 8 figure businesses (you don't have top be there yet), and who want to live a passionate life and have it all...experiences, relationships, growth, lifestyle...

If you're interested, please email me at hello@thefutureacademy.com and I'll connect you with my team.