Oct 27, 2018 • 9M

The Psychology of Getting Things Done

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All progress depends on human creativity and courage. Yet the world is fast to put down original thinkers and their ideas. The Original Minds™ podcast provides you with a dose of mind-expansion, optimism, motivation, and belief to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. The world needs more non-conformists and leaders who embody their originality and share it with the world.
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Why is it so hard to get things done? What is it that makes us procrastinate? How do we stay motivated and overcome doubts and fear?
It takes more that getting the mechanics right. In this short episode I talk about how to get the psychology right in order for you to have the energy to take non-stop action. My personal mission is to help you expand your potential and be extraordinary, and one of the very fundamental things to achieving anything is getting your psychology right.

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