Jun 20, 2022 • 10M

Why You Need A Productized Service Offering

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All progress depends on human creativity and courage. Yet the world is fast to put down original thinkers and their ideas. The Original Minds™ podcast provides you with a dose of mind-expansion, optimism, motivation, and belief to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. The world needs more non-conformists and leaders who embody their originality and share it with the world.
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If you're in the professional services space (agency owner, consultant, coach, etc.) one of the SMARTEST things you can do is to PRODUCTIZE your service(s). 

When you think of your service as a product, you will start to STANDARDIZE it, so that you can deliver a specific outcome repeatedly over time. 

The main benefits are: -You can get higher margins -Your business becomes more predictable -You can grow and scale your business and...you can remove yourself as the BOTTLENECK of your business. 


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